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this is the last one sorry i just thought this one was frikken hilarious!!

Love and Sex With Your Friends by dannygrl0129
Favorite Color
Love of your life:the_q_tip
Best sex of your life:moon_mushroom
Will make you come 1000 times:turn_away__
Will break your heart:_cassyandra
Best Kisser:xx___rockstarr
Best cuddler:wheresmyprince_
You secretly dream of:unendingreverie
But this person dreams of you:yourcarsamelon
Will handcuff you and screw you silly:letitburn187
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hey hey

today i went shoppin gwith my mum and dad, my dad got a suit and he looks quiet smart in it lol!

i got a pair of pant and fabulous black heels!!! :D *dances*

omg omg omg omg there was such a cute skater boy there he was GORGEOUS!!!!

he look a bit like danny from mcfly if thats his name *scratches head* never mind but he was sooooo much cuter than that!!!!

anywayz tpe back later lol!!

bye byez
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hey guys

sorry i been so in active for a while its just ive been so busy with SATS preps. Such a nightmare erm... not much has happen OH YEAH we did are preformance. which was ok apart from the fact that i had 2 carry a huge globe at the beggining wasnt funny then but it is now LMAO!!!!

So how was every1's valentines day please let me know!! well i g2g now but here is a pic of me when i gt my new fcuk glasses my hair and eyebrows dun lol!
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My New Journal!!!

This my new journal am going to update my profile, but i avent been on here 4 ages so i am a bit rust!! i my ol daccount was trixielou  but that was so dumb but if you want to add me feel free!!



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